Awesome Thai Girls

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A curated list of awesome Thai girls Instagram, Facebook, and other resources. This list is based on personal taste only. Your contributions are always welcome, we are on Github!
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Table of Contents

Net Idols and others

Chulalongkorn University

Number one undergrad school in the country, same to girls who are going there

Chiang Mai University and vicinity

University up in Chiang Mai, city in the northern part of Thailand. one of the best city to live in Thailand

Silpakorn University

Indie and hip girls go to this school located right in old town Bangkok, one of our favorite place to go

Thammasat University

Other Universities

Including Srinakharinwirot University, ABAC, Bangkok University, and others

High School

"The world is moving too fast, or we're growing too slow" - bachkukkik